Start Inventing

We have invented a crystal ball that 9 out of 10 times predict exactly who our our website visitors are. 

Let's see if it works on you as well:

  1. Your mind is always busy with new ideas and you love it when people's lives are improved by your product because you get to make the world a better place and you feel happier and more fulfilled
  2. You also love it when you’ve got more cash in your bank account as a result of improving people's lives (who doesn't?)
  3. You understand that in order to enjoy (1) and (2) above, you need to develop and manufacture a product that is irresistible to your customers, that has very few returns and that generates a positive cash flow all year round instead of flooding your help desk with stress calls 
  4. Over the years, you’ve browsed the internet, invested time in meetings and perhaps you even bought courses in a quest to figure out how to reach point (3)
  5. You are reluctant to report that all the money, time and effort invested into (4) above has resulted in little result on progressing (1), (2) and (3) above
  6. But you’re not a quitter and so you’re still searching for that one, single hardware incubator program, that will bring you all the knowledge and capacities you need to develop, brand, market, manufacture and sell your product worldwide to a large and happy customer base

If our crystal ball is right about you, then I am very pleased to tell that you have finally found what you are looking for.

It’s called Innovation Drive and here are the next steps to take before you apply:

Schedule a call if you have questions or if you don't qualify and want to know which other options we have available for you to reach your goals.

So, what makes Innovation Drive the ideal program for Idea Stage Hardware Startups?

Zero risk:

We know we have a killer program that sets every hardware startup in overdrive towards success. So, you can join Innovation Drive for two weeks and if you think it's not for you, you can ask your full deposit back and you can keep all the partner benefits!

Earn by graduating:

Graduating from the Innovation Drive Idea-Stage Hardware Accelerator Program means you will have:

  • 100 paid customers; and/or 
  • a functioning prototype; and you will have
  • an appealing pitch deck which makes your company investable

We want you to succeed and we put our money where our mouth is. This means that if you do the work and in week 14 you reach the goals we agreed on, we return your full deposit + an additional 10%!

Ask us why >>

Partner bonuses:

Each of our carefully selected partners adds incredible value to hardware startups and, to make your success even more likely, they offer over USD 20,000 in gifts and discounts which are yours to take and to keep as long as you want.

Specifically for inventors:

This is important.

In an ideal world, everyone will carry you on their hands for your product idea.

In the real world, you have to avoid traps, outrun foxes and convince manufactures and investors of your value. 

It is in the best interest of the sales rep to close the deal. It is not in their best interest to educate you. Therefore, they never share information you didn't ask for. Foxes: If you don't ask for the certification which is required in the country where you will sell your product, they will not offer to share this with you. Traps: They share a copy of a certificate with you, but it doesn't cover your specific item or it simply is fake. The result can be that you purchase a product or component that is low cost, but doesn't meet the minimum safety requirements as set by law. It is your responsibility to know what you need and to make sure you get exactly that.

Our program trains you in every step of the process and sets you up for successful pitching in front of a lineup of investors that specialize in early stage hardware startups.

Innovation Drive simplifies the usually hard road map:

Yes, the Innovation Drive program has a lot of moving parts and it will require all your passion and dedication. But everything is delivered in a simple, step-by-step process. We provide you weekly missions with guides, templates and examples to make it easier to complete every step.

And that’s not all.

Your highly experienced Ass Kickers are 24/7 ready and available to talk with you and review your work, so that you keep moving at every stage. Even if you're feeling stuck at 3 o'clock in the night. 

Innovation Drive makes the complicated simple, by breaking down every big task into simpler, shorter and easier-to-accomplish steps. All you need to do is follow along, and in three months' time you will be ready to pitch your idea for investors or you have everything lined up to bring your product to market.

Funding opportunities before the end of the program:

Hardware is not only hard. It is also costly.

Innovation Drive is creating a fund which offers financial backing for qualifying teams. Our aim is for every team to have access to USD 50,000 to cover prototyping costs.

And we have an Angel Syndicate to get your project funded by experienced Angel Investors.

Lifelong access:

You didn't really think we would say goodbye after working all that time so hard together, did you? Of course not.

Not only will you keep access to all training materials indefinitely, you can also stay in the portfolio community where you can reach out to your coaches, your mentors and all the other teams and members of the community.

If you are ready to apply for the Innovation Drive Idea Stage Incubator Program, scroll down to read the options and requirements. Or else:

Want to talk with someone of the team about your project, and discuss what options you may have to bring your product to market, then click the button and schedule a call.

Application Requirements

requirement 1

You have a hardware product

Your idea should have a hardware component or aspect but we love seeing innovative software behind the hardware as well.

requirement 2

You know which problem it solves for people

You should have a narrative of the invention, be able to tell how it works and how it benefits the life of people using the product.

requirement 3

You can explain how the product works

You have done research and have given your idea enough time to develop in your mind so that you are able to describe the functionality in a way that other people can also imagine and understand how it works.

requirement 4

You are able to make the deposit

Our pre-seed incubation program get's you from idea stage to pitch ready in 14 weeks while you keep 100% of your equity. During the program, your idea may become eligible for funding. To help investors see you've got what it takes, you show that you are a capable entrepreneur by taking the right actions.

requirement 5

You have access to funds to pay for prototyping

During and after the program, you may become eligible for funding, but this is not guaranteed. You must have budget available or you can access funds for prototyping your hardware product.

Innovation Drive Options

Start Right Now

Start Right Now

USD 38,500 (payment plan available)

  • Personalized to your team
  • Private, one-to-team service
  • One year support
Join The Cohort

Join the March '22 Cohort

Deposit USD 2,900

  • We will return the deposit to you + an additional 10% on successfully graduating in week 14
  • Learn from each other in the cohort
  • Enjoy group accountability
  • Build (business) friendships for life